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Temporada 1, capitulo 6: Chicas perdidas

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Sinopsis (en ingles):

Flashing back to the year 1864, Stefan remembers the time he first met Katherine. She was a guest arriving for a long stay at their home. Returning to present time, Stefan opens the door to find Elena and not Katherine standing there. Suspecting that she knows in her heart what Stefan is, she demands that he tells 
her to her face. Frightened by the answer, Elena races to her car to go home. Nervously, Elena paces her bedroom and suddenly Stefan is there too. He needs to stress to her that he would never hurt her. He explains that it was Damon and not him that was responsible all the murders. Stefan warns Elena to watch out for Damon.
After drinking from Vicky, Damon begins to set the camp on fire. He wants to cover his tracks and burn up all the bodies to avoid any suspicion. Damon calls Stefan again to demand the return of his ring. Stefan tells him that he will return it after he locates it. Shocked, Damon turns around to see that Vicky is still alive. Looking down at her, he says, “you just don’t want to die, do you?”
Agreeing to meet Stefan the next day at a busy little outdoor café, Elena decides she wants to know all about him and clear up any Vampire myths. Stefan again pleads with Elena to just give him one day to prove to her his intentions are pure and that he truly cares for her. Elena decides to give him this one day.

Back in the woods at the crime scene, Sheriff Forbes and Logan decide that it was another Vampire attack. Of course, the story they will run will be that it was a drug deal gone bad. Sheriff Forbes is relieved though when Logan tells her that he was able to get the Gilbert family watch.
Damon decides to bring Vicky back to the boarding house so he can watch over her. Seeing that she is in pain, he decides against his better judgement to give her some of his blood. Vicky is resistant at first but quickly is hungry for more.
Stefan takes Elena to the site of the original Salvatore mansion. Now, it is all run down and in rubble. Finding the secret spot, Stefan reaches in and takes out Damon’s ring. Answering Elena’s questions, Stefan shocks Elena by telling her that he has been 17 since 1864.
'woods-stefan-elena-1.jpgWanting to hear more, Stefan opens up and tells Elena that Damon and himself used to be best friends and cared deeply for each other until Katherine came. With Katherine’s arrival, the brothers did not even realized that she was playing with both their affections and leading them both on a merry chase. Making Damon jealous, Katherine had chosen Stefan to escort her to the first “Founders Day” ball.
Feeling refreshed after taking a shower, Vicky heads on down stairs to see Damon waiting there. Seeing her confusion, Damon tells her exactly what has happened, not even leaving out the part that she drank his blood and enjoyed it. Asking for more blood, he obliges her only if she lets him drink her blood too. Agreeing, she puts out her wrist for him and she begins to drink from his wrist.
Flashing back once more, Stefan recalls what transpired after he got home with Katherine from the ball. In his room, the two become intimate and Stefan tells her that he will love her forever. In a moment of passion, Katherine bares her fangs and sinks them deeply into Stefan’s neck. Wanting to have with the Salvatore brothers forever, Katherine had also been with Damon and had bitten him too. Katherine had each brother thinking that they were the only “one” she had feelings for. Not knowing or really caring, Katherine was the beginning of the brothers bitter hatred for each other.
At the mayor’s house, Logan hands him the Gilbert watch. Mayor Lockwood pulls off the face piece and exchanges it for another. This device will now lead them to where the Vampires are hiding.
'stefan-and-damon-flashback.jpgSince drinking Damon’s blood, Vicky feels like she is on the best drugs ever. She begins to dance and run throughout the house. Damon decides to join her in the fun. After a few hours of this, Vicky calms down and soon becomes depressed. She opens up and tells Damon all her problems. Seeing that she is a “damaged” human being, Damon decides to snap her neck, killing her instantly. Waking up, Vicky tells him she feels awful and he informs her that it will only get worse unless she feeds. Not understanding and become frantic, Vicky heads out to Jeremy’s house.
Logan and Sheriff Forbes begin the search of the woods. With the watch, they feel it shouldn’t be a problem locating the Vampire. Sheriff Forbes hands Logan a gun loaded with wooden bullets. Assuring her he knows what to do, Logan heads out.
Once at Jeremy’s house, Vicky says she’s hungry and begins to raid their refrigerator. Not knowing what’s she’s on or how to deal with her, Jeremy calls Matt to come over and help. Once Matt arrives, he is confused as to what to do too. Vicky tells Matt that she’s in pain and that her gums are killing her. She also tells them to stop all the chatter. Not knowing what she means until they hear the TV on in the other room.
Heading into the room, Matt and Jeremy see that the TV is indeed on and that the news is talking about the incident in the woods. Knowing that Vicky was there last night, Matt and Jeremy ask her what happened. Feeling confused and pressured, Vicky pushes Jeremy violently away. Shocking them both with her strength. At this precise moment, Stefan and Elena arrive.
'stefan-elena-stare-off.jpgVicky heads upstairs to Jeremy’s room to calm down. Not understanding what is happening, Stefan tells Elena that Damon has turned Vicky into a Vampire. He also lets her know that if Vicky doesn’t feed soon, she will die. Shocking Elena, he tells her that Vicky will need human blood to survive the change. Upstairs in Jeremy’s arms, Vicky tries to calm down. Feeling somewhat comforted, Vicky begins to relax. In Jeremy’s arms, Vicky suddenly has the urge to bite him on the neck. Feeling disgusted and scared, Vicky runs out into the dark night. Stefan tells Elena that he will go after her.
Cleaning up the mess in the kitchen left by Vicky, Jeremy and Elena suddenly hear the doorbell. Seeing that it is Damon, Elena demands Jeremy to leave and go to his room. Sensing that Elena is afraid of him, Damon realizes that Stefan must have told her what “they” were. Elena trying to get Damon to leave tells him that Stefan ran after Vicky. This of course does the trick and Damon leaves.
Stefan finds Vicky huddled up and crying in the woods. Vicky says that she now remembers everything and she is really scared. Approaching her, he tells her that he can help her. He shares with her that if she doesn’t feed off of human blood, she will die. Suddenly, they hear a gun shot. Vicky begins to scream when she sees that Stefan has been shot.
Logan moves in closer with his gun raised only to be jumped upon by Damon. Killing him, Damon moves over to help Stefan. He is able to pull out the bullet and save Stefan. Stefan hands him the ring but Damon also sees the watch on the ground and grabs that too. Both of them look for Vicky only to find her over Logan’s body and drinking his blood. Once again, Vicky runs off into the night confused and lonely.
Coming upon Elena’s house, Stefan sees her waiting for him on the front porch. He explains what has happened to Vicky. Elena promises to never expose him but she also tells him that she can never see him again. Closing the door, Elena drops to the floor crying.

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